Chains or Discipline

1006036_207386982718610_639130774_nThere is more than one way to skin a cat, but some ways are better than others. A friend that has been exercising and (inconsistently) and getting the high quality supplements through Advocare sat down with a doctor about weightloss surgery. This person is terrified by the idea of being operated on, informed their father and he cried real man tears, and would have to go into considerable debt to accomplish the procedure. Thereby adding chains of mental anguish, family disapproval, and debt slavery in a situation that discipline would edify mentally, instill family pride in accomplishment, and could benefit financially through inspiration.

Now, just so it is said elective surgery is a personal choice and as long as someone is thoroughly informed on the potential risks, restrictions, and costs-benefits of it, then makes the best decision in the matter, rock on either way. Consider this, that the diet restriction for the procedure is more arduous than the supplement regiment and if the current regiment is difficult imagine what the chains of the alternative are if it can KILL you by not sticking to it. As an adult child a parent can do little, but if a parent does disagree on a long term descision think about what family events will be like with that splinter in the mind, snide comments, passive agressive actions, and general disdain. Financial stress is destroying all that the average person does and adding the chains of another bill, with interest, will only lower the quality of life. Every situation is different since there are people that do not have these particular complications, other procedural options, family support, or financial surplus.

Advocare-24-Day-Challenge-ReviewsDiscipline brings a whole different mindset, one that addes a greater value to life and reverberates in all endeavors from there forward. Sure it is not easy mentally, but it is not difficult at the same time, just a matter of replacing old habits and/or make new one. There is no anxiety in the end and a resilience beaming with confidence in what a person can accomplish. Family and friends see the example, often promote the success and get inspired to follow suit (especially in a health circumstance). When someone can stay out of debt it is always a blessing further that with the opportunity of financial gain it really becomes a no brainer. Through discipline the Better You is edifying, inspiring, and foundationally golden.

Clifford T Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health