Get’em in You

Vitamins-supplements-411It is my humble undoctorated opinion that everything comes down to lack of nutrients in regards to health. When the body is lacking in nutrients things got awry, for example people get lethargic, get sick, get diabetes, or get cancer.

Take for example type II diabetes, when people exercise, eat right, and take supplements it magically goes away. This is due to the elimination of toxins through sweat and burning up stored calories (fat) that have inhibited the proper functioning of organs.

To maximize the purity and maintain health a proper diet of vegetables and nutrients is critical. The roughage keeps the intestines clean to get the best nutrient absorbtion. The supplements provide the building block for the cells to assimilate protiens and the necessary vitamins and minerals.

At the root of these diseases is thebio tune lack of protein assimilation which is connected to the vitamins and nutrients that the body needs for its operation. Get what the body needs in you to achieve and maintain healthy performance. It is not difficult and quality will run you more than a value meal at McD’s. Just think about the experiences that a healthy, long living adult will have over an obese one. Also, know that when age does come upon you that you will still be able to hold your bladder. Be the Better You.

Clifford T Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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