Inner Strength to Slice

dv1507012Nothing in life is accomplished without pain and inner strength comes through two types, one that will cut through or the other that will continually cut you. This pain stems from the discipline that slices through mental baggage holding on to laziness keeping success at bay. When not allowed to develop the blade curves in and creates the regret that constantly cuts internally like a thousand pin pricks. Suffer only for discipline that will make the Better You.

Suffering is temporary and is all in the mind. It is the result of knowing what should be done and struggling with the baggage of laziness weighing down action. Discipline is the process of slicing through excuses and obstacles. So what if the body is tired! So what if something inconsequential is missed! So what if a sugary tart has to be disregarded! There is a goal in mind and it must be achieved, in fact it is even a greater achievement when more excuses and obstacles are cut away!

Discipline cuts inwardly when success is not sought after becoming regret for half hearted actions that one can do, but simply does not for lack of inner strength and further when it is not even attempted becoming disappointment for letting shear laziness inhibit success. This pain is lasting and continuous.

24day challenge

Get out there and slice and dice any excuses or obstacles! For there is greatness in the whole hearted and valiant attempts and even more in fantastic achievements along the way! Become the Better You!

Clifford T Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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