Living Inside Out

the-best-motivation-is-the-one-that-comes-from-the-insideThe best way to live is from the inside out, particularly from the mental vision and moving to the physical. The brain is the center of vision, motivation, and processing, but for health, immune defense, and nutrient absorption the second brain is the focus. Our guts are the second most numerous location of neurons in the body and in many case signals the brain what it wants to eat and how much. Work inside you for the Better You.

Triggering hunger in many cases is the body actually requesting clean pure water.

More over the craving for sugars and fats is due to an imbalance of the gut bacteria that have hijacked the the digestive system triggering what it wants over what the body needs to fight off disease, chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes (shout out to MW), obesity, and overall unhealthiness. So, the question is how to uncross the signal and restore balance? The answer is to listen to what the body needs! That is PROBIOTICS and Veggies!

(Especially for those who have the scourge of type II diabetes: )


Now getting the balance will take some time. It did not get out of whack overnight and it will not be repair in the same timeframe. It all begins with being motivated by what is best to put inside you. Green smoothies are FANTASTIC! It allow one to get load of nutrient without having to power through a salad or eat like a rabbit. Ideally taken first thing in the morning, along with several glasses of pure and clean water. From there supplementing with a probiotic to establish good microflora. Don’t cut corners! Rely on a product that is tested by a 3rd party organization and has an upstanding reputation.

To achieve the fastest results it is determined by how bad you want it. Through exercise and a cleanse the results come speedily. It all comes down to how motivated you are. No matter what always work towards the Better You!

Clifford T Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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