Excuses and Want

1462912_10152365717333696_565364468_nEveryday there will be something that provides a distraction to what you have set forth to accomplish. Excuses are what will let them be successful. They will play on weakness and only bring forth exactly what you have gotten so far. To maintain your discipline and achieve your goal all you have to do is want it bad enough.

Most people only kind of want to accomplish their goals, mainly because they want the sugary junk food, carb loaded pastas, and hip hugging creams more than looking in the mirror and be pleased with the better physical version of themselves that brings along better health, immune defense, and self-esteem. All of which amounts to the Better You. Become the minority by making a decision to really accomplish what the heart and mind desire.

pe-biocharge-largeIt is all about wanting enough. Wanting enough to move heaven and earth or just reach past the soft drinks to the bottled water. It is about wanting enough to not wait until someone has one foot in the grave to change or even until tomorrow. Want it now, want it so bad that you can taste it in your spit. That is how bad you have to want it to overcome excuses. You can do it! You will earn it. You will be a Champion! You will be the Better You!

Clifford T Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health

2 thoughts on “Excuses and Want

  1. What a great article! It’s true isn’t it. We come up with alot of excuses and then we’re depressed because we’re not taking charge but if only we took charge instead of making excuses we’d finally be on a road to success. I really like this blog thanks for sharing! 🙂 and thanks for being so sweet and concerned on my own blog. It’s nice to know there are kind hearted people out there like yourself only wishing the best for people. You rock 🙂

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