Plan and Execute

best me81% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the end of February. This does not have to be your reality. Success is a simple process that most people over complicate then dread. All it takes is a goal, a reason, a plan, and implementation.

Determine what do you want to accomplish? Performance, professional trainers and athletes need to stay at peak nutrition with products that pass testing and provide the development to keep them at their best. Well-being, whether already fit or close to it, maintaining the regiment is the critical goal. Weight loss, is the critical goal for us all in particular Americans. A size 0, for women, is not necessarily the ideal, but just being at a healthy balance is what we strive for.

Know why do you want to do it? If there is not reason behind accomplishing something it just will not be kept. The reason has to be a personal on and will be the reminder whenever those bad habits rear their ugly heads and will allow you to stay the course to a Better You.

Map out how are you going to make it happen? Without a way to get where you want to be, you are already where you will stay. Taking the Challenge sets out the first 24 days with the high quality supplements that will clean up and rebuild the body with the nutrients that will maintain the develop and maintain the image that is the Better You.

When will it be done? Setting a date lets you know when it is okay to relax the intensity. Nothing can run at red line forever without a crash. The whole point of getting to where one is happy is to allow indulgences as long as it keeps up the ideal we have set. This also points out the date to recap and address anything that sidelines the goal to let us know to whether to redirect, maintain, or give out the trophy.

advo24daychallenge Success moves along these 3 paths. Visualization. Creates the goal. Realization. Shows that the plan is working. Acceleration. Once we see the great results everything falls into place faster. Go out and be a Champion!

Regards, Clifford T Mitchem Advocare Distributor Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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