Know Your Food, Know You

10710875_735343866532283_9001166961573589900_nWhat food you eat determines what you are, so thinking about everything you eat what is your description? Overcoming the easy meal is a result of proper planning. We know that we need to eat each day and investing the time to visit the grocer to get the ingredients to make lunch each day, have the foods available for a balanced dinner, and get the appropriate supplements to provide for their nutritional needs will make the best description of you. Know what your food is and you will know you.

Those who feel that they just do not have the time to make proper decisions just need to evaluate where the time goes. TV (kill your TV), sleep, sitting around, activities all need to be judged on how much they are helping to make the Better You. It is always more time consuming and expensive when a person is sidelined for bad health. It is more than just junk food and fast food, they are easy to identify, but what are the ingredients in the rest of the food eaten? Fewer ingredients the better and fewer chemicals the better.

clear moodMany have a diet full of vegatables, fruit, smoothies, and sparing meats which is AWESOME! Go on you! There still needs to be the addition of supplements to make up for the lack of nutrients in even the most organic of diets. Getting a multinutrient is key to nutrient absorbtion and balanced to be able to tackle the world. Be described as healthy.

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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