Suffer the Sculptor

chiseledYou are in control of becoming the image that is the Better You. Thinking about it will not make it happen and no one on earth has the ability to speak it into existence. Achievement is made through suffering which is found in discipline and effort. Little by little you will gain more and more.

You are the sculptor and the body is a column of marble with the image of the Better You trapped inside. To release it takes a change in lifestyle and commitment to a workout that will provide the chisel and hammer to flake off the marble. More intensity chisels off larger flakes and brings forth the image. It is possible, attainable, and worth every drop of sweat off your brow to achieve it.

3IV7zbhlAccepting the Challenge is what separates you from the those fearful souls who have become content with being unhappy for the rest of their days. Happiness is directly propotional to self-image, which determines self worth. You have value and your success increases that value exponentially. All marvel at Michaelangelo’s David as they will with how you have remade yourself. Create your masterpiece and let the world marvel at your creation.

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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