Fashionistas – The Skin You are In

Fernanda's Choice

For the Fashionistas out there make-up, clothing, and accessories provide the accentuation of the image that is put forth to the world. They are not a mask to cover up, but a call to view the spectacular view of confidence that you have to exude. So above all less is more. Getting down to the bare bones of expression…it begins with the skin.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and for the most part takes the most punishment from the environment, with the sun being the most impactful. Now we need sunlight to produce vitamin D naturally and most people spend so much time in doors and/or covered up that they do not get enough and end up getting sick. So get out, show some skin, and get a more natural glow. The trick behind it is that you need to antioxidants along with it to…

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