Emotional Money

14449_697684366925219_757289560_nThe fear of loss is greater than the need for gain. This statement applies to the so many aspects of life it is unsettling. It is due to the connection with negative emotion and money. People are unwilling to lose their station, of just getting by, so much that they are not willing to gain the discipline to elevate themselves to heights they only dream about. People do not want to lose the junk foods  they eat in order to gain health, energy, and a better quality of life. People are unwilling to spend money to gain the acceleration and benefits of supplements. You have to let go of the known to reach what you desire. If it could happen doing what you are doing now you would already have it. The root of food, health, and supplements is money. “Good food costs too much.” “Work keeps me so busy, I can’t go to the gym.” “Supplements are so expensive.” In the end these are negative emotions that have put a strangle hold on your success. Money is: Management Of Negative Emotions, Yours When you relieve yourself of the burdens of the negative emotions and put forth what is necessary to succeed the whole world opens up. It happens over time and it takes guarding your thinking to accomplish. Protect your attitude to carry you to become the Champion you are and achieve the Better You. Take advantage of the resources available. Regards, Clifford Mitchem Advocare Distributor Nutrition + Fitness = Health http://www.AdvoCare.com/13087657 logo

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