Chew Yu Foo

slow-down-chew-your-foodLong ago there was discovered an ancient martial art that allows the body to incorporate the wild herbs of the field and the game there abouts into itself. It is effective constant repetition of one motion and can be mastered in a short time. The ancient art is called…Chew Yu Foo! Or in the common tongue…Chew Your Food!

The motion is very simple and is illustrated in this step by step picture guide:

Chewing is the first part of digestion and is highly underappreciated. For optimum nutritional benefit, after a wholesome nutrient and supplement filled diet is established, it comes down to surface area that the stomach acid has to maximize the breakdown into usable material. This is achieved by chewing each bite 32+ times, which allows saliva to thoroughly be incorporated, juice to be masticated, and flavor to be satiated.

Proper chewing only comes from habit. In the beginning you count and time yourself to determine when you have completely chewed the nutritous food you have enjoyed. It also helps that it be something that you really have a taste for. So you can get every bit of flavor out of it. After a while your discipline will just know when you have chewed enough without even thinking.

This futher allows the body to recognize that it is full before being stuffed or gourged. In turn eating less, absorbing more, and creating a Better You.

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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