Ebola and Virus Care

1001560_10201852998430317_815381779_nEbola is the hot topic right now, but the flu virus is far more prevalent and deadly. The best defense against any virus is to have your offense at its peak. When it comes to a virus pills, potions, and cure alls pail to the abilities of a strong immune system. Oxygenation and vitamin utilization are the critical performers in body’s offense against invaders. Antibiotics are highly effective against bacterial infections and illnesses, but against viruses leave much to be desired. Whereas, fitness brings in the oxygen and nutrition supplys vitamin weapons.

When you exert yourself the massive deep breaths bring in cleansing and virus destroying oxygen that attacks cancer as well. These maladies do not survive in oxygen rich environments. Deep breathing can even be done sitting at your desk. The sweat that is produced flushes your body of toxins that distract and weaken the immune system, forcing it to spread the focus from viruses to toxic junk foods, undigest meats, and unprocessable sugars.

By accepting the challenge and eating vitamins and minerals ensures that cells in your body have all of the materials to create the protiens needed to stay on the look out and attack foreign substances. When white blood cells have all that they require they destroy the protien coating that viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells have around them. Your food is the medicine that will work the best to give you health.

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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