Brain Numero Duex

19256DD1-B797-4A8D-A7F2B1A191AAA8C7_articleMost people think that the mass of cells in their head controls the entire body. In reality the “gut” is a decision making center packed with nuerons that is virtually aurtonomous . Based on the food available the gut  informs the brain of hormones, proteins, hunger, and mood.

Digestion and supplement intake is critical to maintain a strong immune system, battle cancer (I’m no doctor, but no doctor will tell not to be healthy), have mental focus, and positive attitude to deflect the haters. To maximize the performance continually drink clean pure water, 30% of water intake is used by the second brain. Take probiotics that enhance and replenish the flora that breaks down food to allow nutrient absorbtion. Healthy food has loads of nutrients and supplements round out what may be lacking or missing.

Challenge yourself to maximize the cooperation of both brains through the mental discipline to stick to a fitness regimen and nutritious food lifestyle. The second brain will reward you with serotonin, muscle development, and energy. Understand that your commitment determines the speed that the Better You comes to the surface. What is your plan?

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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