Healthy You Inside us ALL

900 lbs xray - get healthyThis is an x-ray of a 900 lb man and the image alone is worth 1000 words. What this x-ray really reveals is that inside us all there is a healthy body. All we have to do is challenge ourselves to let it out, Get Healthy.

The mind can be the greatest prison through discouragement from the negativity of haters or sheer laziness. Overcoming that and finding your discipline to stay the course and achieve the goal that you set forth just takes practice and consistency.

Nutrition plays that key role because it is what you eat that will determine whether the healthy body comes out or cancer manifests. The foods we eat creates the environment that allows cancer to be destroyed or wreak havoc. A healthy eating lifestyle avails most everything.

Fitness is what accelerates the healthy accomplishment. Activity allows the body to sweat out accumulated toxins, use stored energy, and rebuild stronger. The rebuilding needs the right material though and the modern farming system does not provide nutrient dense food, which is why supplements are such a vital component. If you are not using good brick a sturdy foundation is lost.

Reveal the the Better You, Get Healthy.

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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