Wellness Triangle


Many feel that they are hitting a wall in their fitness program. The food is nutritious, the workout is intense, but the inches and the pounds are still hanging around. The third leg is missing…SUPPLEMENTS!

Commmercial farming has left our food nutrient deficient. Without the sufficient nutrients the benefits of our fitness efforts fall flat. That is where supplements step in to fill the gaps. They provide the nutrients needed to enhance digestion, increase nutrient absorbtion, and when the body has its proper nutrients appetitie is diminished.

To maximize fitness we need to have the energy to endure the regiment, then the vitamin and mineral materials to build muscle, and burn off visceral fat. The body is a complex system that does not use a single component by itself, but needs everything in connection, which begins with the supplementing our food to have what is needed for the base reactions. Suppplementing ensures the endurance to complete the exercise, power to maximize the intensity, and bio available materials to recover and rebuild the body to become the Better You.

These three work in conjunction as the wellness triangle that builds health and allows the Better You to come outside.

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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