Health as the Cure

cancer cureRecently there was a story of a young woman who at 22 has been diagnosed with cancer and has begun taking chemotherapy. This a terrifying point in life and there is not anything from someone that has not been through it can really say to relate, so I will not attempt that. What can be done is feed the body what it needs. I am not a doctor and do not make an attempt to diagnose or treat any medical condition. I am a man who has read numerous articles, researched, and just applied logic to the situation.

Cancer needs 3 things low oxygen environment, low pH or acidic environment, and a body deficient in vitamins and minerals. In the standard American high sugar low veggie diet all three of these lead to the epidemic rate of cancer growth and varying types of cancers. People tend to breathe very shallow and when they exercise to the point that they are winded for extended periods of time they oxygenate the body, which kills harmful bacteria and cancer. Bacteria and cancer are not able to survive in oxygen rich environments that people who are on a regular fitness regimen produce. This was discovered and proven by Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Laureate who states that depriving a cell from oxygen for 48 hours leads to it becoming cancerous.

Foods that are ingested into the body determine the environment of it. Particularly acidic foods like citrus fruit are good and actually cleanse, but dairy (eliminate), meat (minimize), bread (minimize), and sugar (virtually eliminate) create a low pH or acidic body. Change what you are eating from the processed and fat foods to home cooked, raw, as organic as possible, and non gmo foods. Take in as many salads, fruits, berries, nuts, and vegetables as you can stand, then have some more.

Nutrient deficiency is the core of many maldadies and to rebuild and strengthen yourself to become the Better You fortify your body with good material. Consider that if you use inferior brick to build a house do you expect it to weather a storm? When you see someone in the grocery store getting a 12 pack of diet soda, bag of chips, and cookies what does their body/house look like? Take the Challenge to better yourself and build your house out of good material. Revitalize yourself with a continued nutritional vitamin and mineral packed lifestyle and fitness regimen.

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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