Green Machine for Health

ChlorophylAt the heart of healthy living is a lifestyle with green vegatables and fruit at the core. In particular it is the chlorophyl in leafy vegatables that provide the color and holds the cleansing aspects for purity and nutritional development. Becoming a vegatarian is not the intent, but decreasing the meat intake will bring an immense balance in body health.

Embarking on a challenge and providing the nutrient base that will allow the body begin to cleanse and to rebuild with the necessary vitamins and minerals, along with consistent intake of green leafy vegatablesĀ  will encourage the body to remove what is flowing through your veins while the cleanse is doing its work on the digestive system.

Science has determined that cancer hates oxygen and a fitness regimen increases oxygen intake and blood flow. The chlorophyl from something like a wheat grass shot will provide some more for the cleanup and health benefits and incorprating supplements to round out the nutrition will work for the goal to be the Better You.

Put what is good for you into you!

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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