IMG_131640This post will be a little off the normal motivation, I have finally gotten a blender, juicer, extractor, food processor, and dough maker in the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse!!!

The need for a blender has been high on the list for a while and I am not one to go all willy nilly without weighing the options and specs. The Ninja has been all the rage for a while, has not been obliterated by the critics and recommendations of friends that have one said it was a solid choice. Then when considering the amenities that came with it particularly that single serve cups blend right on the machine, that was the best bonus for me. The Nutri Bullet was a final contender, but it was not as versatile so that is what bumped it off.

IMG_134313It is so relieving to be able to properly mix my shakes, make smoothies, and have minimal clean up. My first concoction is a wheat grass, apple, and grape smoothie with coconut milk and a few ice cubes. It tastes good, although when they recommend straining the grass instead of just cutting it up into small pieces you should do that. The drink came out a bit chewy, not necessarily bad tasting though. If you are not hardcore it will definitely take away from the overall enjoyment.

This is a step to better nutrition and every step towards better health is a step on the path to the Better You. Lets map out the path and walk together!

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


5 thoughts on “New Toy, I AM SO EXCITED!!!

    1. I made my second wheat grass smoothie today and it juices well enough but there is the added step of straining the pulp.
      Although, the work around that I have done is just add an extra 2 ice cubes and cut the grass into 1/4″ pieces. Then it becomes only moderately noticeable next to the cubes.

      I do love it so far but try that in blender first before going out and dropping the $85 that I spent on this handy unit. Unless you have money enough and the counter space.

      Clifford Mitchem
      Advocare Distributor
      Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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