Courage Through Fear

555461_527462277335379_500406056_nFear exists through our imagination of what may occur, not what actually happens. Our imaginations must be tamed and focused on the vision that will be. It takes courage to make that a reality.

Fear is a liar and only exists in your imagination, when you find the strength go forth and strive that is courage. Only through finding this courage in the little things then on to bigger things of life that mastery is achieved. Every level that is opened up brings uncertainties and these are what permits the imagination to create what a person calls fear and it does not become absent. The courage that your develop along the way will give you calm in the face of uncertainty.

Every arena is either new or trodded ground and your vision of the outcome will determine your success. Only allow your imagination to create the image of your success and you will have the courage to take the steps to fulfillment Courage will make you feel better, look better, perform better, which all make up your body through nutrition and fitness to be the Better You! Begin your path!

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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