Get in the Game

1001487_478470912234516_1485998019_nRidicule from past failure, whether existant or non-existant, is what stops many from entering the game before it has even began. To be successful we must continually strive for the challenge and be afraid to not make the attempt.

Goals are written on our hearts and beat everyday to become realities in our lives. The desire moves to our minds, but in our minds we have memories that handcuff them to pains of past disappointments. Remember though that the pain of permitting an opportunity to pass without even reaching for it is a two-edged blade that will either slice the shackles or pierce our hearts.

Choose to not be afraid, 99% of the events that a person fears only exist in their imaginations. Keeping also in mind that past results of events do not equal future outcomes. Choose to put together a plan, learn from the past, and be the healthy Better You!

Get in the game we can work together to make the new future for you. Be afraid to not try and contact me today to make it happen!

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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