Change, You Are Not Dead Yet

64721_207663842690924_1915878807_nChange comes when you decide to make it. When you decide that the results of what you are getting are not the results that you want. The only time when there is no time to accomplish what you want is when you are DEAD! You have LIFE and you feel the desire to be the Better You!

It choice to stay the same is easy because there are so many excuses to permit dodging responsibility. You are responsible to overcome whatever is stopping your progress. Haters take a person down with their fiery darts due to the ease of inaction not because they are correct. Find what is in you to not give, to not be a quitter.

When a person tells themselves they they are not able to accomplish a task it is the ultimate lie. The only reason it works is because you choose to believe it. Too many people have circumstances beyond their control occur in their lives and overcome them, while the average person just needs to start eating nutrtious foods and walk around more. Tell yourself the truth, that you CAN accomplish what you set your mind to.

It really just take a plan to be healthy and the rest is just about WANT POWER! Want good health above the junk and amazing things happen. Let me help you bring out the Better You!

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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