Fat Food

1017103_533387793391149_1245480827_nEating on the go is about the worst thing that a person can do for their health. Consider that if the food is cheap, so is the quality.

Preparation is the key factor in convenient eating. Grabbing a meal replacement shake, snack bar, breakfast bar, fruit, trail mix, or wrap is a fast economical alternative to the fat food restaurants. The difference being preparing it before you are in need of it.

For a meal ready to eat, make casseroles to get a balance of the food groups and in large enough quantity to last a few days. That way it just requires heating in the oven. Stay away from microwaves, it kills what small nutrient value foods have.

Making food at home is far more economical than eating out and will provide better nutrition and be higher quality than what you will get in 99% of the restaurants you pass. The average meal is $10-15 each while brown bagging it will cost maybe $20-$30 for an entire weeks worth. It just takes some fore thought and planning to accomplish.

Think in terms of the 6 P’s: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Furthermore the impact that you will have on your health knows no value. The side effects accredited to the junk that passes for fat food are numerous. Save yourself time and money! The Better You craves what is good for you and we just need to map out the route to make it happen. Achieve your success!

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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