I am Responsible for…

942477_207252502732058_2136966328_n“I am responsible for my own health, education, success, happiness.” When you realize that your whole world changes.

You are responsible to make change in your life, own the task. In particular health is the item that we have the most control over. You determine what enters the temple of your body. Restaurants and commercials do not force unhealthy food upon you. Although, they can influence it and that is given, which in turn we must change where go to get food first, then change what we permit to influence decisions.

You are responsible to learn and develop a plan of action to the goal. A degree is not required to find out about healthy options and with the numerous advisors available all one has to do is ask. Taking the time to find out is the only cost due to the fact that one could get the equivalent of a college education with internet access alone. All one has to do is determine the structured plan to follow and stick with it.

You are responsible for your success based on how bad you want to achieve the goal. Temptation will always happen and if you want success more than the tempation you will win. A complete abandonment of a particular food or activity is not required, but moderation and control is.  Every action must bring you closer to your goal and your happiness, along with confidence, grows with every win. Until day comes that you do feel tempted any more and no longer even remember how it had control over you.

You are responsible to making the decision and walk to path to the Better You.

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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