Put in the Time

ImageThe decision to make a change to become the Better You that is inside is only the first step in the journey to recreation. If it could happen over night, infomercials would have been slinging it and what they have would be flying off the shelves.

The simple truth is that it has taken years for the body to reach the state that it is in right now. It will take time to undo what has accumulated. The body is constantly under reconstruction so for most it will not take years to rebuild and the amount of time is directly related to your intensity. Just put in the time! Follow the simple formula of greater energy output than food input. For the ouput design a challenging workout program, something that will break a sweat is the minimum and then ramp it up to a sweat pouring muscle toning regime. A 24-Day Challenge is a great kick start for the food journey to reconstruction through a cleanse and then revitalization with vitamins and minerals. Nutrition is core of everything and just by making this one change fat begins to fall away.

It all works from the inside out, get on the right track. Get on the fast track of making the vision of the Better You the reality of who you are!

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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