Fear is a LIAR

550985_10201789075032272_1123412094_nThe word Fear is an acronym and it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Further to that over 90% of the things that hold us back are only in our imaginations. It is the ultimate hater and will tell you, “With my body type I just can’t lose weight.” “I can never be as fit as you.” “I am too busy to workout.” All of these thoughts are based on fear, more than likely the fear of failure. You must let go of those thoughts and anything that is connected with them. Fear is a liar and will stop you from even beginning to become the Better You that is inside.

To overcome this fear you must get control of your imagination and the excuses that it has created. You can be succesful and achieve the desires of your heart. It all comes down to the decision to make a change in your life and then implementing the plan that will work for you. If you need help with the plan ask, search the internet, or copy what a successful friend is doing. To create the Better You follow this simple equation Energy Output is Greater Than Energy Input. Work out and burn more calories than you take in as food. Make sure that the food you take in is nutritious, stay away from processed foods, sugars, dairy, and grains. It does not have to be forever but you eliminate before you can reincorporate them. You can do it!

After you have the plan it is only a matter of time and that time is shorter when you cast off fear.

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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