Spite the Haters

ImageThere is a little voice in your head that says you can’t do it.

There is a little voice in your head that says the last time you did this you failed.

There is a little person close to you that scoffs when you tell them your goals.

There is a little person close to you that does everything opposite of what you need to do.

These are called HATERS, and they are scared of you!

Inside your mind the old you is pulling down the better you. It knows that once the better you stands up the old you will be cast aside and confined to the dungeon.

Outside your mind these little people are jealous of you and feel convicted by your staunch mindset of what you can be and who you are. You become a reflection of their short comings, forcing them to change.

The little voice was put there by the little people and they are your cheerleaders! They know who you are and what you are becoming. They probably see it better than you because they know you will be successful when you do a 24 Day Challenge. They know you will take in what builds you up. They know you will put in the workouts that will define you.

They know because from being so far below they see how high you will stand.

Clifford Mitchem
Advocare Distributor
Nutrition + Fitness = Health
For information visit: www.AdvoCare.com/13087657



6 thoughts on “Spite the Haters

      1. seems to me…….haters are those who look at people who are doing (best as they can)……and get pissed at them…..i get A LOT of that……why i dont venture on the WLS forums as much…


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